Boston Thek Imagery

What People Are Saying

"Laura's work is ethereal, taking the viewer on a path of memory and dreams and in so doing allowing them to understand their surroundings on a deeper level. She reminds us of a beauty beyond what we see - she photographs what we feel."
-Billy Howard
"Laura is a magician. Her images of rural Europe make me want to run out and buy a plane ticket. She has an amazing understanding of perception and light, as well as color and composition, and she mixes those to take the viewer on a journey. She is one of my favorite photographers."
-Darren Constantino
"I first met Laura on a Photography site. There, I was immediately captivated by her amazing images and artistic talent. Laura has a strong eye for composition and a very consistent stylistic approach to editing and post production. Now that her images are displayed on her own site each visitor can see the entire body of her work and learn to appreciate the artist and photographer as I have. Congratulations on your site Laura you and your work are represented very well here. I am sure everyone will enjoy it as much as I have."
-David Bowden, PPA, NAPP
"The first thought that came to mind upon seeing Laura's work, was, "These seem like visual prayers". I hope, wish and pray that your work continues to reach an increasing number of people!"
-Piya Mukherjee, Mumbai, India
"Laura, I saw your photo page and it is really beautiful. I love your works. When I'm looking at them is like entering in a new world from a fairy tales, where everything is still innocent, pure, dreamy and colors are just mesmerizing! I'm sad now cause I can't express everything what is on my mind right now. I can't find the right words for it"
- Jadranka Lackovic
"From afar, across the ocean, over the past year, I have enjoyed Laura’s daily walks through Europe. The people and places of Germany have come to life for me as she travels, camera in hand, and Clover, her dog, at her side. Laura’s farmland vistas and trees have captured my imagination most, especially those with birds in flight. Today, I received a special surprise, seeing Laura’s new website with new images and more inspiration. Ah, Venice. I have never been there, but I have seen many images of the canals. None are quite like Laura’s. Her photos are painterly expressions of the beauty of Venice; I imagine myself adrift on one of the gondolas and ponder a visit there myself."
- Chris Whitney
"Laura's photostream is one with a soul. The mood in her brilliantly lit and composed frames is absolutely poetic and memories-evoking. Watching, yes watching, not looking at her photos is like taking a back-shifting journey to the land of childhood freedom."
-Tanjica Perovic
"I am in constant awe of your work. Whether digital or film (medium and now large format) you seem to have it all mastered. Amazing shots and composition! Rain, snow, hail... you're like the mailman, nothing stops you!"
John Decker
"I'm a fan of Laura's photostream. She is a wonderful artist as a photographer. She show such beautiful views of her surroundings. I appreciate her lovey work and can't wait to see more.
-Dianna Alsept